ceh-39 mutations enhance XX-specific phenotypes caused by other XSE mutations

GenotypeaSurvivor phenotypeHermaphrodite viability (%)bnc
ceh-39(y414)Wild type1011008
ceh-39(gk296)Wild type1021021
ceh-39(RNAi)Wild type100807
ceh-21(RNAi)Wild type1001147
fox-1(y303)Wild type991054
sex-2(y324)Wild type to mild Dpy991032
sex-1(y263)Dpy, Egl Tra70884
sex-1(RNAi)Very Dpy, Egl, Tra171090
sex-1(y263, RNAi)Very Dpy, Egl, Tra171304
sex-2(y324) sex-1(y263)dVery Dpy4238
fox-1(y303) sex-1(y263)eVery Dpy, Egl, Tra41176
fox-1(y303) sex-1(RNAi)Very Dpy, Egl, Tra9749
ceh-39(y414) sex-1(y263)fVery Dpy, Egl, Tra7982
ceh-39(y414) sex-1(y263)eVery Dpy, Egl, Tra5941
ceh-39(RNAi) sex-1(y263)Very Dpy, Egl10832
ceh-39(y414) sex-1(RNAi)Dead0935
ceh-39(gk296) sex-1(RNAi)Dead01637
ceh-21(RNAi) sex-1(y263)Dpy, Egl751043
ceh-39(y414) fox-1(RNAi)Mild Dpy981486
ceh-39(gk296) fox-1(RNAi)Mild Dpy1011256
ceh-39(RNAi) fox-1(y303)Mild Dpy100729
ceh-39(RNAi) sex-2(y324)Dpy, Egl99 ± 2g1368
fox-1(y303) sex-2(y324)Dpy, Egl98 ± 1g1010
ceh-39(RNAi) fox-1(y303) sex-2(y324)Dpy, Egl92 ± 1g1180
  • a RNAi was applied as explained in Table 1, footnote a.

  • b Hermaphrodite viability was calculated by the following formula: (no. of adult hermaphrodites)/(total no. of embryos) × 100.

  • c n is the total number of embryos from six independent sets of progeny counts.

  • d Data are from C. Y. Loh and B. J. Meyer (personal communication). Of 951 progeny from sex-2(y324) sex-1(y263)/szT1 animals, only 9 (of an expected 238) lacked szT1, implying that they were sex-2(y324) sex-1(y263) and only 4% were viable. sex-2(y324) sex-1(y263) animals were severely Dpy and produced no or few progeny.

  • e Percentage viability of fox-1(y303) sex-1(y263) XX progeny from the strain fox-1(y303) sex-1(y263)/szT1 and percentage viability of ceh-39(y414) sex-1(y263) XX progeny from the strain ceh-39(y414) sex-1(y263)/szT1 were calculated by the following formula: (no. of Dpy hermaphrodites)/0.25(n − no. of males) × 100. The szT1 balancer acts as a mild dominant him mutation, making it necessary to calculate the expected number of XX adults by subtracting the number of XO male progeny from the total number of embryos.

  • f This strain is maintained under yEx483[dpy-30∷sdc-2(+); myo-2∷gfp(+)], an extrachromosomal array that rescues XSE mutants because it overexpresses sdc-2. To score viability, progeny from gfp(−) hermaphrodites that had lost yEx483 were counted.

  • g Viability was calculated separately for six independent sets of progeny counts. Average viability and error are reported. Error is expressed as the standard error of the mean.