Arabidopsis, mouse, maize, and wheat RI populations analyzed for genomewide recombination events and the QTL detected for this trait

Genomewide recombination eventsQTL detected
RI populationNo. of RI linesNo. of markersMeanStandard deviationMin–maxChromosomeLODr2 (%)EffectaPosition/flanking markers
Arabidopsis thaliana Ler × Cvi162998.872.973–1714.9515.1−1.86CD.173L/175C-Col; GH.127L-Col/ADH
A. thaliana Ler × Col95957.482.543–14None
A. thaliana Ler × Kas-2142747.062.861–18None
A. thaliana Ler × An-1112646.302.300–1312.849.7−0.73nga128; SNP301
A. thaliana115736.232.242–1412.486.20.88At SNP110
Ler × Kond22.696.8−0.61At SNP233 CHIB
52.717.3−0.80SNP236; SNP193
Mouse77482645.356.5933–5813.1211.3−4.7At rs13475815
LXS133.9615.5−5.4At rs13481798
Maize28539966.6810.7744–11234.318.3−3.31lim66; mmp79
B73 × Mo17 (IBM); umc1539
Wheat W7984 × Opata 8511324839.176.7825–563B3.9812.5−2.51Xtam61; Xpsr689
  • a Positive and negative effect means the allele increasing the number of recombinations coming from the first and the second parent, respectively.