SFP genes inferred to have experienced positive selection under the site (M8 vs. M7) and/or branch-site models

FBgn0034229CG48472RM8 vs. M7, BS (yak/ere)8.42E-05; 0.024999; 7.44
FBgn0023415Acp32CD2LM8 vs. M7, BS (yak/ere)8.42E-05; 0.0085.23; 4.96
FBgn0014002Pdi3LM8 vs. M70.000835.45
FBgn0052203CG322033LM8 vs. M7, BS (yak/ere)0; 0.0012.65; 84.23
  • BS, branch site.

  • a Model under which ω > 1 was inferred. Under M8, a single distribution of ω (following a β-distribution) is assumed for the entire tree. “yak/ere” refers to a model under which a class of sites with ω > 1 is assigned to the yakuba and erecta lineages but not to any other lineage. Where both M8 and yak/ere are indicated, a gene has been inferred to be under positive selection under both models.

  • b P-value for the test(s) indicated under “Model,” with M7 used as the null for M8 and a model disallowing ω > 1 on any lineage used as the null for the yakubaerecta lineage positive-selection model. Where two values are indicated, the first refers to the M8/M7 comparison, and the second refers to the branch-site yak/ere test.

  • c ω estimated under the appropriate model.