Summary of regions analyzed on chromosome 4

RegionDmel orthologAlignment (bp)Silent sitesIn(4)a positionDistance to breakpoint
timtimeless516117.1Outside distal3.44 Mb
15435CG15435706252.6Outside distal433 bp
rawraw553132.6Inside distal93.9 kb
8665CG8665779291.6Inside distal913 kb
dpdumpy855191.6Inside proximal91.8 kb
9171CG9171695219.2Outside proximal242 kb
bibabig brain947364.5Outside proximal643 kb
AdhaAlcohol dehydrogenase846309.6Outside proximal2.09 Mb
18095CG18095669195.1Outside proximal3.50 Mb
nmdno mitochondrial derivative653148.7Outside proximal4.55 Mb
  • Regions contained within In(4)a are underlined.

  • a Sequence data only from McAllister (2003).