Dp-Dp nondisjunction in X/Y/Dp/Dp males

Paternal genotypea1Dp males2Dp males
Mini-XXy1Embedded ImageN1by2Embedded ImageN2bTcNDJd
Dp1187y w461742968913829212129500.9640.527
Dp11y w157613642940540159421340.9280.420**
Dp12y w292225185440609181924280.9260.413**
Dp61y w264523514996742228930310.9410.420**
Dp62y w394036067546916367845940.9560.339**
Dp1187; snm/+y228320284311537134918860.9410.510
Dp1187; snm/snmy34042172557658995515440.7790.529
Dp62; snm/+y271723765093453162820810.9330.346**
Dp62; snm/snmy452129887509704126719710.7960.483
  • a X/Y/Dp (1Dp) and X/Y/Dp/Dp (2Dp) males carrying an X marked with either y or y w, an unmarked Y chromosome, and the indicated mini-X were generated as described in materials and methods and crossed singly to two y w females. snm is snmZ3-2138.

  • b N1 and N2 are the total progeny scored in the 1Dp and 2Dp crosses, respectively.

  • c T(Dp transmission) = 2(Embedded Image) was calculated from the progeny of 1Dp males.

  • d NDJ (Dp-Dp nondisjunction) was calculated as described in materials and methods. Asterisks indicate the level of significance of the χ2 test for the difference between observed NDJ and NDJ = 0.5. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01.