Analysis of regulatory, expression, and DNA methylation variation for CDE genes

Regulatory variationaExpression (methylation) state in panel of eight inbredsb
GeneAccession no.B14B37B73B84Mo17Oh43W22Wf9
CDE1CA402353cisE (U)E (U)S (M)E (U)E (U)S (M)E (U)E (U)
CDE2AF277454cisS (M)S (M)S (M)S (M)E (U)E (U)E (U)E (U)
CDE3CF633924cisE (U)S (M)S (M)S (M)E (U)S (M)E (U)S (M)
CDE4CK827767cisE (U)E (U)S (M)E (U)E (U)S (M)E (U)E (U)
CDE5AW787466cisS (M)E (U)S (M)E (U)E (U)E (U)E (U)E (U)
  • NT, not tested.

  • a Factors that regulate expression levels of CDE genes in different inbreds were mapped as described in materials and methods and called cis if mapped to the location of the gene itself.

  • b The expression state determined by RT–PCR and the methylation state as determined by methyl-sensitive PCR are reported for each gene in each inbred. The expression state is defined as E (expressed) or S (silent) and the methylation state is defined in parentheses as M (methylated) or U (unmethylated).