petite accumulation in strain D273-CD3-Δmip1 transformed with different MIP1 alleles

% petites
MIP1[S]5.1 ± 0.422.6 ± 3.4
MIP1[S]A661T2.2 ± 0.22.6 ± 0.3
  • D273-CD3-Δmip1 is a spontaneous ura3 mutant of D273-10B/A1 in which the MIP1 gene has been replaced by a KanR deletion cassette in the presence of the pFL38 (Bonneaud et al. 1991) plasmid-borne MIP1[S] or MIP1[S]A661T to keep mtDNA. Experimental conditions are as in Figure 1A.