Chi-square test of fiber-related QTL distributed on At and Dt subgenome in three non-mutant populations

PopulationaQTLAtbDtbGoodness of fit to 1:1Reference
CAMD-E (GH) × Sea Island Seaberry (GB)9360.317Jiang et al. (1998)c
Siv′on (GH) × F-177 (GB)7936430.431Paterson et al. (2003)
Tamcot 2111 (GH) × Pima S6 (GB)10845630.083Chee et al. (2005a,b); Draye et al. (2005)
  • a GH, G. hirsutum; GB, G. barbadense

  • b At, Dt: Tetraploid chromosomes derived from A-genome and D-genome diploid progenitors, respectively.

  • c Four QTL for yield components and one for earliness not included, as discussed in text.