Neuron-specific rescue of che-2(e1033) mutants

% dye fillingb
Promoter driving hsf-1Straina−HS+HS
No transgene00
osm-6Line 1073
Line 2053
Line 3090
sra-6Line 1083
Line 2037
Line 3053
  • a All animals contained the hsf-1(sy441) and che-2(e1033) alleles. Three independent lines driving hsf-1 cDNA expression from the osm-6 or the sra-6 promoter were tested. The extrachromosomal arrays used were Ex[Posm-6hsf-1; Phsp-16.2che-2; pRF4(rol-6)] and Ex[Psra-6hsf-1; Phsp-16.2che-2; pRF4(rol-6)].

  • b Heat-shocked animals were dye filled 8 hr after heat shock by soaking for 20 min in 5 μg/ml DiI. Adult or L4 animals exhibiting dye filling in any neuron of either the left or the right amphid were scored as positive. n = 30 in all cases. HS, heat-shock.