Phenotypic classes of mutant clones

ClassPhenotypeNo. of linesSubclassSubclass phenotypeNo. of lines (in subclass)Lethality (%)
ANo clones—cell-lethal mutations163ND
BLow no. of clonal cells200Low no.1164
IExtremely low no.967
CSmall clonal cells470Small clonal cells2095
IExtremely small clonal cells786
IILow no. and small clonal cells2085
DDorsal trunk280Not subclassified650
IDT bending10100
IIClonal cells only in DT475
IIISmall clonal cells in DT5100
IVLow no./no clonal cells in DT3100
ETerminal branching800Not subclassified1070
ITB crossing/fusion2454
IIFewer or no branches1182
IIIProblems with lumen formation1889
IVExpanded/elongated TB475
VNo/fewer clones in TB1369
FAffected histoblasts1100
GCell shape defects10
HNo clones in epidermis250
IClones only in epidermis1100
  • DT, dorsal trunk; TB, terminal branching.