Estimates of the recombination rates at different distances from the S loci, assuming n = 25 S alleles

GeneEstimated distances from SRK (kb)πwithinπtotalEstimated recombination rates (cM/Mb)
B80+ 39.60.0160.08210.018
S8−18900Cannot be estimated
S4+ 2250.00370.0036Cannot be estimated (πbetween negative)
S2+ 5040.00130.0024Cannot be estimated (πwithin > πbetween)
S12−5540.0190.015Cannot be estimated (πbetween negative)
  • The values of silent-site diversity πwithin and the estimate from all sequences from haplotypes with known SRK sequences (πtotal) are shown; the diversity between allelic classes is the difference between the total values and within values. The estimated distances are from the S domain of SRK, which are values in the sequenced A. thaliana Col-0 strain and thus probably underestimates for A. lyrata (see text); the + or − symbols in the distance column indicate genes on the two sides of the SRK locus.