ego-2(RNAi) enhances the loss of lin-12 function in the AC–VU decision

Genotype% 2 ACn
lin-12(ar170); cdh-3∷gfpb26195
ego-2(RNAi); lin-12(ar170); cdh-3∷gfpb50184
  • All experiments were done at 20°. n, total number of animals scored.

  • a Values are from the literature (reviewed by Greenwald 2005).

  • b Data are the average of three independent sets of feeding experiments, where lin-12(ar170) was grown in parallel on OP50 and the ego-2 RNAi bacterial feeding strain. A Z-test indicates that lin-12(ar170); cdh-3∷gfp is significantly different from ego-2(RNAi); lin-12(ar170); cdh-3∷gfp (P < 0.05).