Gonadal dysgenesis in the grand offspring of F1 hybrids between TP; Birm stocks and a +; Birm stock

TP present in F2 ♀♀TP absent in F2 ♀♀
StockaNo. of vialsNo. of ♀♀% GD + SEbNo. of vialsNo. of ♀♀% GD + SEb
TP5; Birm (2a)254526.7 ± 1.92443081.9 ± 4.9
TP5; Birm (2b)254656.6 ± 2.02545777.2 ± 5.6
TP6; Birm (2a)254720.4 ± 0.32543163.9 ± 5.7
TP6; Birm (2b)254320.6 ± 0.42440395.7 ± 1.5
  • The TP (w)/+; Birm F1 hybrids were crossed to males from a w; Birm stock (2a in Table 3) and their TP (w)/w; Birm (phenotypically white, TP present) and +/w; Birm (red, TP absent) F2 daughters were then crossed to Harwich males to obtain F3 females, which were scored for GD regardless of eye color.

  • a Replicate stocks carrying the same TP are distinguished by the identity tags in parentheses; these tags correspond to the ones given in Table 3.

  • b Unweighted mean percentage GD ± standard error.