Effect of E(z)28 on cytotype-mediated repression of P excisions from snw in the male germline

TPGenotypeaNo. of vialsNo. of fliesExcision rate ± SEb
None+/+5014600.536 ± 0.013
NoneE(z)28/+4810770.473 ± 0.022
TP5E(z)28/+4811850.003 ± 0.002
TP6+/+4912760.055 ± 0.011
TP6E(z)28/+4912850.058 ± 0.010
  • a Genotypes at the E(z) locus of males that were tested for P excisions from snw. These males were also heterozygous for the H(hsp/CP)2 transgene, which encodes the P transposase. Thus, the genotype of the tested males was (TP) snw; H(hsp/CP)2/+; E(z)28 or E(z)+/+.

  • b Average unweighted excision rate [(sn+ + sne)/(snw + sn+ + sne)] ± standard error.