Classification and characteristics of sdt alleles analyzed

ClassAlleleOriginaMorphogenetic phenotypecLight-induced degenerationMolecular defect
IsdtEH681EHNoNoStop codon in exon 3g
sdtXH21HKNoNoNo mutation found
sdtM120HKNoNofStop codon in exon 3
IIsdtXP96WYesdWeakStop codon at the end of exon 6g
IIIsdtN5WbNoeYesStop codon in L27Ng
IVsdtK70HKYesYesNo mutation found
sdtK85HKYesYesStop codon in L27N
sdtE195HKYesYesStop codon in L27C
  • a EH, Eberl and Hilliker (1988); W, Wieschaus et al. (1984); HK, T. Hummel and C. Klämbt (unpublished data).

  • b This allele is also named sdtNO5 (Eberl and Hilliker 1988) or sdtXNO5 (Hong et al. 2001). The identity of these alleles was verified by sequence analysis.

  • c Revealed in the light microscope as defects in the shape of the rhabdomeres.

  • d Stalk membranes of mutant PRCs are reduced by 40% (Hong et al. 2003).

  • e Stalk membranes of mutant PRCs are reduced by 50% (see Figure 2).

  • f Occasionally, one PRC per ommatidium was absent.

  • g Hong et al. (2003).