Overview of the phenotype and mapping of the isolated class I mutant lines

Clones at the distal tipClones at the proximal regionAnalyzed clones% at the distal tipLethal lineMapping toDoes not complement toIdentified gene
2L 3267026260.0YesDf(2L)exel6039, 8036
2L 2870039390.0Yes
2L 2677129303.3Yes
2L 2436115166.3YesDf(2L)exel8012, 7021
2L 3186113147.1YesDf(2L)exel7038
2L 3189112137.7Yes
2L 30814313511.4YesDf(2L)exel8038
2L 28812141612.5YesDf(2L)exel6027, 7067mhc1mhc
2L 329816714.3YesDf(2L)exel7034
2L 247516714.3YesDf(2L)exel60422L1665
2L 26532111315.4YesDf(2L)exel6047, 7055
2L 16832111315.4YesDf(2L)exel7038
2L 32974212516.0YesDf(2L)exel8026, 70492L2896stam
2L 28965242917.2YesDf(2L)exel7038, 8026, 70492L3297stam
2L 28286263218.8Yes
2L 29854151921.1Yes
2L 30733101323.1Yes
2L 284510324223.8Yes
2L 28538253324.2Yes
2L 271825728.6Yes
2L 27757172429.2YesDf(2L)exel6028
2L 1710491330.8Yes
2L 16857152231.8YesDf(2L)exel8003
2L 9489182733.3Yes
2L 29216121833.3Yes
2L 156136933.3YesDf(2L)exel6042
2L 154012223435.3YesDf(2L)exel6044
2L 180910182835.7Yes
2L 29389162536.0YesDf(2L)exel6277
2L 16659162536.0YesDf(2L)exel60422L2475
2L 31798142236.4YesDf(2L)exel7022
2L 26158142236.4YesDf(2L)exel6031
2L 301113223537.1YesDf(2L)exel6042, 8040
2L 17948132138.1Yes
2L 246817812.5No
2L 236617812.5No
2L 8834121625.0No
2L 30647152231.8No
  • Lines displaying a strict tracheal cell migration phenotype, characterized by the observation of <40% of MARCM clones reaching the distal tip of the air sac primordium (see also Figure 3, B–D), were retained for further analysis (class I mutants). We recovered 38 strains meeting this criterion (see also Table 1). For each line, numbers refer to the amount of MARCM clones observed at the distal tip of the air sac primordium (column 2) and in the proximal region (column 3), to the total number of observed clones (column 4), and to the percentage of MARCM clones localized at the air sac primordium distal tip (column 5; Figure 3). We recovered 34 homozygous lethal lines and 4 homozygous viable lines. Exelixis deficiencies, other independent class I mutants or previously characterized alleles, and names of mutants belonging to the same complementation group as other class I mutants we isolated are indicated in columns 7, 8, and 9, respectively.