Overview of the screen

Tested mutant lines1123
Lines with larvae displaying no MARCM clones122 (11%)
Lines with air sacs displaying no MARCM clones90 (8%)
Lines showing no tracheal cell migration and proliferation phenotype864 (77%)
Lines showing a tracheal cell migration phenotype (class I)38
Class I lethal lines34
Class I not lethal lines4
Lines showing a tracheal cell proliferation phenotype (class II)9
Class II lethal lines8
Class II not lethal lines1
  • A total of 1123 lines were tested. Numbers refer to the amount of lines for which F3 third instar larvae displayed a given phenotype after heat-shock treatment and induction of MARCM clones. Percentage values shown in parentheses refer to the total number of strains that were tested. Lines displaying a tracheal cell migration phenotype were classified in two categories: class I (strict migration phenotype) and class II (migration and proliferation phenotype). In both categories, lethal and viable alleles were recovered.