The P. fluorescens SBW25 hut genes, predicted functions and similarity with homologs from P. putida ATCC 12633, KT2440, and P. aeruginosa PAO1

Amino acid sequence identity with homolog in other Pseudomonasb
P. putidaP. aeruginosa:
GeneaProductATCC 12633 (%)cKT2440 (%)dPAO1 (%)e
0359 (hutC)RepressorHutC (83)PP5035 (83)PA5105 (84)
0360 (hutD)Hypothetical proteinORF2 (63)PP5034 (63)PA5104 (54)
0361 (hutU)UrocanaseHutU (91)PP5033 (92)HutU (91)
0362Putative permeasePA5099 (79)
0363ABC-type transporterPA5096 (77)
0364ABC-type transporterPA5095 (90)
0365ABC-type transporterPA5094 (87)
0366 (hutH1)Putative histidaseHutH (36)PP5032 (38)PA5093 (76)
0367 (hutH2)Putative histidaseHutH (84)PP5032 (97)HutH (81)
0368 (hutT)Histidine transporterHutT (84)PP5031 (86)HutT (78)
0369 (hutI)Imidazolone propionate (IPA) hydrolaseHutI (70)PP5030 (80)HutI (78)
0370 (hutG)Formyl-glutamata (FG) amidohydrolaseHutG (75)PP5029 (73)HutG (72)
0358 (hutFf)Formimino-glutamata (FIGLU) iminohydrolaseNot availablePP5036 (82)PA5106 (76)
  • a The hut genes are predicted on the basis of sequence from the unannotated P. fluorescens SBW25 genome sequence (

  • b Identity of the deduced amino acid sequences is shown in parentheses.

  • c The hut locus in P. putida ATCC 12633 has been characterized by Phillips and co-workers. Sequences were retrieved from the NCBI database by the following accession numbers: GI409364 (hutU), GI2642338 (hutTIG), GI151273 (hutH), and GI151275 (hutCD).

  • d The hut locus of P. putida KT2440 has not been experimentally characterized.

  • e Gene names (hut) are shown for those that have been functionally characterized by mutational analysis (Rietsch et al. 2004).

  • f The hutF (pflu0358) was identified in this study by mutational analysis.