Segregation defects associated with meiotic mutant mcm5A7

Genotype% X NDN
A. Germline clone assaya
B. Whole animal assayb
C. Transformation rescue assayc
yw; mcm5A731.5800
P{mcm5+}#7; mcm5A70680
P{mcm5+}#33; mcm5A70450
P{mcm5+}#39; mcm5A70.21257
D. Germline specific rescue assayd
yw/pUASp-mcm5+; mcm5A728536
p{nos-Gal4:VP16}/pUASp-mcm5+; mcm5A70.53083
  • a Germline clones were made by crossing either control FRT82B (yw eyFLP; FRT82BEP/TM3) or mcm5A7 (yw eyFLP; FRT82Bmcm5A7/TM3) virgin females to males carrying an FRT82B P{ovoD1} chromosome. At 5 days, the larval progeny of this cross are heat shocked 1 hr at 38° to induce the FLP recombinase gene expression and formation of germline clones that are homozygous for the FRT82B chromosome arm. The resulting germline clones are crossed to males with attached-XY, y+ v f B; C(4)RM, ci eyR.

  • b Control (FRT82B/Df(3R)BSC38), mcm5A7 homozygous, or mcm5A7 hemizygous virgin females were crossed to y sc cv v f y+/B[S]Y males.

  • c Virgin females of the above genotype were crossed to y sc cv v f y+/B[S]Y males.

  • d Females of the above genotype were derived by crossing yw; mcm5A7/TM3 or p{nos-Gal4:VP16}; mcm5A7/TM3 virgin females to pUASp-mcm5+/y+Y; mcm5A7/TM3 males. Females were crossed to y sc cv v f y+/B[S]Y males.