Frequencies of selection schemes in successful and random fitness sets

Selection schemeDefinitionProportion PIM sets (n = 3)Proportion random sets (n = 3)
Negative FDSCii,ii and Cij,ij less than all others0.172630.0803
Positive FDSCii,ii and Cij,ij greater than all others0.0274130.0803
Strict negative FDSMore shared alleles, less fitness0.0141600.0058
Strict positive FDSMore shared alleles, more fitness0.00078670.0058
Heterozygote advantageCij,__ greater than all Cii,__0.0344930.0140
Homozygote advantageCij,__ less than all Cii,__0.00363090.0140
TotalsAll special cases above0.2531140.2002