Effect of RAD51 on rates of meiotic crossovers across two intervals

No. kernelsaGenetic distance (cM) ± SE
Intervalsrad51 genotypeParental genotypesRecombinant genotypes
a1–et1Double mutanta3314612.2 ± 1.7
Controlb65511114.5 ± 1.3
IDP1440–IDP1983cDouble mutantd1452012.1 ± 2.5
Wild typee1562614.2 ± 2.6
  • a Data were pooled from 12 related test crosses.

  • b Genotypes for female parents of test crosses were either Rad51A1/Rad51A1; rad51A2/rad51A2 or Rad51A1/rad51A1; rad51A2/rad51A2. Data pooled from six related test crosses. These results are similar to those obtained from wild-type lines.

  • c IDP1440 and IDP1983 are PCR-based IDP markers located on the long arm of chromosome 3. Detailed information about these two markers is available from

  • d Data were pooled from three related crosses.

  • e These plants have the genotype rad51A1/Rad51A1; rad51A2/Rad51A2 and are siblings to the rad51 double mutants. Progeny from two related crosses are analyzed.