Summary of the selected lines

PBac lineInsertion siteGeneMolecular functionPBac orientation relative to geneGFP expressionReferences (border cells)
PBac 792R:18871317virilizerRNA bindingSense, in intron
PBac4562L:6919366hrp48RNA bindingSense, in 5′-UTR+
PBac15272L:6922912hrp48RNA bindingAntisense, in intron
PBac1042L:2178018anterior open/yanTranscription factorSense, in intronSchober et al. (2005)
PBac3782L:2176647anterior open/yanTranscription factorAntisense, in promoterSchober et al. (2005)
PBac9112L:247422kismetElongation factorSense, in intron
PBac52012L:242721kismetElongation factorAntisense, in intron
PBac19162R:4682442rme-8ChaperoneSense, in intron
PBac21483L:16013380DIAP1Ubiquitin–protein ligaseSense, in intron+Geisbrecht and Montell (2004)
PBac38402L:9202838taimanTranscription co-activatorSense, in intronBai et al. (2000)
PBac49362L:9204904taimanTranscription co-activatorAntisense, in intronBai et al. (2000)
PBac46242L:9206379taimanTranscription co-activatorAntisense, in intronBai et al. (2000)
PBac43542R:16549897shgCell–cell adhesion8 kb downstream of shgNiewiadomska et al. (1999)
PBac39293R:3933469puckeredPhosphataseAntisense, in 5′-UTR
PBac4251a3R:16954630slimbUbiquitin–protein ligaseSense, in intronMuzzopappa et al. (2005)
  • The insertion site (second column) gives the chromosome arm location, and the first base from the left foot of the PiggyBac. The PiggyBac orientation relative to the gene (fifth column) is relative to that shown in Figure 1A.

  • a Clones recovered only with adult heat shock.