Estimates of mutational parameters

Strain (species)UMIN (×102)Embedded Image
DF (O. myr)0.45 (0.54)−0.37
EM (O. myr)
N2 (C. el)0.44 (0.44)−0.23 (0.15)
N2–KC (C. el)0.06 (0.31)NA
N2–VL (C. el)0.36 (0.40)NA
PB306 (C. el)0.32 (0.39)−0.34 (0.14)
HK (C. br)1.59 (1.37)−0.16 (0.07)
PB800 (C. br)1.50 (0.96)−0.14 (0.05)
  • Estimates of UMIN from additional N2 data sets (Azevedo et al. 2002) are included for comparison; note that haploid values of UMIN are reported in the original publication. UMIN, Bateman–Mukai estimate of diploid U (standard error in parentheses); Embedded Image, Bateman–Mukai estimate of average homozygous effect (not scaled to the control mean); NA, not applicable. O. myr, O. myriophila; C. el, C. elegans; C. br, C. briggsae.