Marker allele classes for linkage group 3 in M. hapla F2 lines

Marker allelea
AF26AF30No. of lines
Class 1a/aa/a99
Class 2b/bb/b59
Class 3b/b××a/a8
Class 4a/a××b/b5
Class 5a/b×a/a2
Class 6a/b×b/b1
Class 7b/b×a/b1
Class 8a/ba/b1
  • a Crosses between columns indicate proposed recombination interval to generate each class. “×” represents a two-strand and “××” a four-strand exchange.

  • b DNA from 7 of the 183 F2 lines did not amplify in this test with one or more primer sets of the above markers and so were omitted from the analysis.