E vectors of the NOIA functional and statistical formulations of a genetic system from different reference points

Vector of genetic effects, Ea
CasebR | μaA | αAdA | δAaB | αBdB | δBaC | αCdC | δCaaAB | ααABadAB | αδABdaAB | δαABddAB | δδABaaAC | ααACadAC | αδACdaAC | δαACddAC | δδACaaBC | ααBCadBC | αδBCdaBC | δαBCddBC | δδBC
  • a Statistical genetic effects (Greek letters) apply to HW347S, functional genetic effects (Latin letters) apply to HW347F and G111111, and both apply to F2.

  • b HW347S and HW347F are the statistical and functional estimates of the parameters for the simulated population of Zeng et al. (2005). F2 are the corresponding joint statistical and functional estimates for an F2 population we obtained from the previous ones using the NOIA model, and they are identical to those obtained by Zeng et al. (2005) when analyzing a simulated F2 population, except for some sign differences (as justified in the text). G111111 are the functional estimates described using the phenotypic value of the genotype “111111” as a reference point. See text for details.