Strains used in this study and their genotypes

Strain name or symbolaGenotypeStrain nos.b
ORS aOak Ridge wild-type mat aFGSC 2490
OR23-1V AOak Ridge wild-type mat AFGSC 2489
Houma-1 aWild-type mat aFGSC 2221
fluffy(OR) Afl mat AFGSC 4317
fluffy(RL) afl mat aFGSC 6683
∷act+Amep his-3+∷act+; pan-2 mat A95-20
∷act+ amep his-3+∷act+; pan-2 mat a95-21
∷asm-1+ Amep his-3+∷asm-1+; pan-2 mat A01-39, 80-21, 80-22
∷asm-1+ amep his-3+∷asm-1+; pan-2 mat a95-07
∷BmlR A (β-tubulin gene)mep his-3+∷BmlR; pan-2 mat A95-24
∷BmlR a (β-tubulin gene)mep his-3+∷BmlR; pan-2 mat a95-25
∷Bml+-GFP Arid his-3+∷Bml+-GFP mat AFGSC 9520, N2527
∷Bml+-GFP arid his-3+∷Bml+-GFP mat aN2505
Diploid ascospores-1 ADip-1 mat A24-40, 84-02
Diploid ascospores-1 aDip-1 mat a20-39, 25-39
∷hH1-GFP Ahis-3+∷hH1-GFP mat AFGSC 9518
∷hH1-GFP arid his-3+∷hH1-GFP mat aFGSC 9517
∷hH3hH4-1 Amep his-3+∷hH3hH4-1+; pan-2 mat A95-22
Δ mat (mating-type deletion)fl; nic-3; Δ mat92-40
mat A(IL → VR)Δ mat; am∷mat A89-27
Dp(VIIR → IL)5936 Afl; Dp(VIIR → IL)5936 mat A18-13
∷mei-3+ Amep his-3+∷mei-3+; pan-2 mat A15-39
∷mei-3+ amep his-3+∷mei-3+; pan-2 mat a15-30
Round spore AR; fl; inl mat A92-38
Round spore aR; fl; inl mat a92-39
Sad-1Δ ASad-1Δ mat A96-02, 48-25
Sad-1Δ aSad-1Δ mat a96-01
Sad-2RIP ASad-2RIP mat A30-03
Sad-2RIP aSad-2RIP mat a30-04, 33-12
Sk-2 ASk-2 mat A30-38, 60-38, FGSC 6648
Sk-2 aSk-2 mat aFGSC 6647, DDP 3120
Sk-2;∷hH1-GFP aSk-2; his-3+∷hH1-GFP mat a24-37
Resistant to Sk- 2 ar(Sk-2) acr-7 mat a88-01
Partially resistant to Sk-2 apr(Sk-2) mod(pr) mat a97-40
Sk-3 ASk-3 mat A24-16, FGSC 7076
Sk-3 aSk-3 acr-2 mat aFGSC 7077
Sk-3;∷hH1-GFP aSk-3; his-3+∷hH1-GFP mat a46-02
  • a “∷” indicates that an extra copy of a wild-type gene is inserted ectopically at the his-3 locus on LG IR or at the am locus on LG VR.

  • b The four-digit strain numbers (e.g., 95-20, 95-21) are from R. L. Metzenberg's collection. N2505 and N2527 are from M. Freitag, Oregon State University, Corvallis. The remaining strains are from either the Fungal Genetics Stock Center (FGSC) or the Perkins collection (DDP 3120) at Stanford University.