Joint genotype probabilities for diallelic loci for individuals that are not inbred except for background inbreeding captured by θ

GenotypeProbabilityGenotype categoryLR
A0A0, A0A0Embedded Image1Embedded Image
A0A0, A0A1Embedded Image2Embedded Image
A0A0, A1A1Embedded Image4Embedded Image
A0A1, A0A0Embedded Image2Embedded Image
A0A1, A0A1Embedded Image1Embedded Image
A0A1, A1A1Embedded Image2Embedded Image
A1A1, A0A0Embedded Image4Embedded Image
A1A1, A0A1Embedded Image2Embedded Image
A1A1, A1A1Embedded Image1Embedded Image
  • The single-locus Lynch–Ritland (LR) estimate of θXY for each joint genotype is also given.