Fertility, X chromosome NDJ, and X, second, and third chromosome recombination frequencies in Z3-3401, mnm, and mod(mdg4)T6 hemizygous females

Fertility, X recombination, and NDJaMap length of cn-bw (N)fMap length of st-e (N)g
GenotypeNo. of ♀♀NbFertilityc% NDJdpn-y+e
Z3-3401/+68286042.1053.833.7 (409)24.6 (678)
Z3-3401/GC14hi1173302.8050.539.6 (191)23.3 (203)
Z3-5578/+40176844.20.1157.2ND25.5 (588)
Z3-5578/GC14hi40159639.9058.1ND24.6 (821)
Z3-3298/+40163840.9055.834.8 (289)25.1 (855)
Z3-3298/GC14hi40137034.3053.432.9 (451)22.5 (672)
mod(mdg4)T6/+2281437.00.49ND33.4 (511)26.2 (814)
mod(mdg4)T6/GC14h2055827.90.72ND37.6 (388)30.0 (558)
  • ND, not done.

  • a y/y pn cv m f · y+ females carrying the indicated third chromosomes were crossed with X^Y, y B/Y males.

  • b N, number of progeny scored.

  • c N/no. of ♀♀.

  • d % NDJ = 100 × 2 × (B+ females + y B males)/(N + B+ females + y B males).

  • e Map length of pn-y+ interval expressed in centimorgans.

  • f Recombination frequency in the cn-bw interval on chromosome 2 measured in progeny of cn bw/+ females crossed with cn bw males.

  • g Recombination frequency in the st-e interval of chromosome 3 measured in progeny of Z3i, st/Df(3R)T16, e females or mod(mdg4)T6 e/Df(3R)GC14, st females crossed with st e males.

  • h GC14 = Df(3R)GC14.

  • i Df(3R)T16 was used instead of Df(3R)GC14 in the third chromosome recombination crosses.