X–Y NDJ in Z3-3401 males with and without P[hs∷MNM-GFP]

Z3 genotypesP[hs∷MNM-GFP]aNo. of heat shocksb% X–Y NDJcNd
Z3-3401/Z3-3401Chromosome 200.13783
Z3-3401/Z3-3401Chromosome 220.17576
Z3-3401/Df(3R)T16Chromosome 306.88523
Z3-3401/Df(3R)T16Chromosome 320.72139
  • a P[hs∷MNM-GFP] is a P-element transgene containing a full-length MNM cDNA fused at its C terminus to EGFP and driven by the hsp70 promoter (Thomas et al. 2005).

  • b Males were exposed to none or two 1-hr heat shocks as larvae.

  • c +/BSYy+ males carrying the indicated autosomes were crossed to y w females and X–Y NDJ was measured as described in materials and methods.

  • d N, total progeny scored.