Results of selection analyses lnRH, lnRV, fdist2, detSel, and newfst (see text), along with protein homology, putative function, and chromosomal locations for mapped markers

Contig/ESTlnRHalnRVafdist2bdetSelcnewfstdPopulationsFunctionProtein homologyChromosomecM
Contig 0291********SMSCatalytic/metabolismSecretory peroxidase1536.2
Contig 1731************SMNDNA bindingDNA-binding protein13103
Contig 1891************PlainsDNA bindingDNA-binding protein
Contig 2016*******SMNDNA bindingHeat-shock protein1636.8
Contig 2135***************SMS, SMNDNA bindingOvule development
Contig 2281********SMS, SMNCatalytic/metabolismCatalytic/metabolism1139.1
Contig 2293**********UtahRepair of DNAPurple acid phosphatase879
Contig 2727******SMNUnknown330
Contig 3403*************SMNUnknownNone
Contig 3590*****UtahMembraneCOPT5
Contig 5468**********SMNCatalytic/metabolismCellulose synthase like
QHA6L06**************SMSMembraneXyloglucan galactosyltransferase
QHB12L21****************SMNCell wallNone1077.4
QHB33B17************UtahDNA bindingSquamosa promoter binding protein8218
QHJ18D19***********SMS, SMNCatalytic/metabolismPutative dehydrogenase
  • *P < 0.10, **P < 0.05, ***P < 0.01, ****P < 0.001, *****P < 0.0001.

  • a Tests were performed following Schlotterer (2002) and Schlotterer and Dieringer (2005).

  • b The results of the program fdist2, implementing the protocol from Beaumont and Nichols (1996).

  • c The results from the program detSel, which performs the calculations outlined in Vitalis et al. (2001).

  • d Summary of the results of the program newfst.c (Beaumont and Balding 2004).