Comparison of literature estimates of genetic variance in environmental variance

SourceTraitEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImagebEmbedded ImagecEmbedded Imaged
SanCristobal-Gaudy et al. (1998)Fat/protein goat milk0.0000.0000.0000.000
pH pig0.1501.2E-040.0390.402
SanCristobal-Gaudy et al. (2001)Litter size sheep0.2300.0570.0480.509
Sorensen and Waagepetersen (2003)aLitter size pigs0.0904.2910.0260.307
Ros et al. (2004)aBody weight (g) snails0.2900.3680.0170.580
Rowe et al. (2006)Body weight (kg) broiler ♂0.08684600.0290.299
Body weight (kg) broiler ♀0.09653100.0310.318
  • a Models included permanent environmental variance; environmental variance was taken from their model 1 estimates.

  • b Equation 17: Embedded Image.

  • c Embedded Image = heritability of environmental variance.

  • d Embedded Image, a measure of evolvability (Houle 1992).