Efficiency of spicule insertion during heterospecific matings

No. of males that inserted their spicules into 24-hr mates
MalesC. briggsae AF16 hermaphroditesC. remanei femalesPB2801 femalesC. elegans N2 hermaphrodites
C. briggsae
    AF16 (Ahmedabad, India)1/10a9/106/100/10
    VT847 (Hawaii)1/108/107/101/10
    PB826 (Ohio)0/102/10b2/10b0/10
C. remanei
C. elegans
    N2(Bristol, UK)0/103/101/101/10a
    CB4856 (Hawaii)2/101/100/100/10
    CB4855 (California)0/103/101/102/10
  • a Data were taken from Figure 1.

  • b PB826 males that inserted their spicules also induced behavioral inactivity in the C. remanei and PB2801 females.