Functional classification of genes with high environmental variation

GO categoryNo. of genesBetween-pair variationWithin-pair variation
Extracellular region4401.8965.940
Extracellular space4635.1315.419
Muscle development1103.0274.659
Ion transport3190.5623.871
Hormone activity1014.5413.730
Structural molecule activity2921.5073.447
Muscle contraction1162.1803.349
Lipid metabolism2450.1193.213
Cell division141−0.9453.108
Cell differentiation3001.9663.094
Ion channel activity1120.4493.091
Extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa)1702.4322.549
DNA replication127−1.9912.539
Cell cycle454−3.9492.476
Nervous system development2891.0242.455
Potassium ion transport1541.6112.453
Sensory perception1813.1492.432
Inflammatory response180−0.7912.424
RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity152−1.0262.307
Iron ion binding2150.8152.296
Sensory perception of sound1200.6972.295
Cell–cell signaling3173.6362.260
Visual perception1614.1772.163
Positive regulation of cell proliferation1390.1772.154
Regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter205−3.4252.013
  • Listed are the GO categories with z > 2.0 (for environmental variation) having >100 genes, sorted by the environmental z-scores. The full list can be found in supplemental Table 1 at The GO categories were further grouped into four higher categories as follows: response to external signals (boldface type), cell differentiation and development (italics), cell division and proliferation (underline), and cellular transport (double underline).