Major pleiotropic QTL for CHC expression identified in male and female D. melanogaster

QTLLinkage group95% C.I.aLOD maximumMaximum LOD scorebMaximum traitc
CHC 1X-110A-17E12E3.9757:C26
CHC 2X-113B-17E14F-15A4.0577, 11:C31
CHC 3X-23BC-7E4A2.9372MeC24
CHC 4X-312A-12EF12EF3.6787:C27
CHC 52-128A-34A30B4.5019:C28
CHC 62-146D-57F56C3.4597, 11:C29
CHC 72-232A-37C35B5.2965:C26
CHC 82-255C-57B56EF5.9417, 11:C31
CHC 92-328D-35A31C5.5332MeC27
CHC 102-337A-41F/42A41F3.9475, 9:C23
CHC 112-342A-44B42B2.9247, 11:C29
CHC 123-164EF-69B67B3.951C22
CHC 133-168A-70C69D7.2199,13:C25
CHC 143-174A-79E79C9.582MeC25d
CHC 153-184C-84F84E9.2062MeC25d
CHC 163-2&364B-73F64DE2.9419:C25
CHC 173-2&366A-77B70C9.0836, 10:C25
CHC 183-2&371C-84E76F3.7867, 11:C26d
CHC 193-2&377C-90F85C3.9317, 11:C26d
CHC 203-2&385C-90F88D4.3417, 11:C26d
CHC 213-2&385E-91DE90F5.7127, 11:C26d
CHC 223-464B-69C64DE3.2749,13:C25
CHC 233-467C-86B79AB6.0789, 13:C29
CHC 243-473A-88A85C5.492C29
CHC 253-488B-99F99F4.9357, 11:C26
CHC 1X-11E-4A3E5.285, 9:C25
CHC 2X-19CD-13F10C5.0582MeC24
CHC 3X-17C-16D9A4.6572MeC24
CHC 4X-35F-7C6E2.2055, 9:C23
CHC 5X-310C-12F12B2.264C25
CHC 62-122C-55C28A3.15C29
CHC 72-228B-47D31D4.8477:C25
CHC 82-327C-30B29EF9.5857:C27
CHC 92-443BC-52A49B3.218C24
CHC 103-185AB-87C87A5.739C27
CHC 113-188F-98A93D2.5097:C24
CHC 123-187F-98A97B2.832C23
CHC 133-464B-79B66B2.299C25
CHC 143-485D-90A87A5.2252MeC26
CHC 153-487A-98F94F3.0932MeC24
  • a Determined by bootstrapping.

  • b The highest single-trait LOD score associated with the QTL.

  • c The trait with the highest LOD score associated with the QTL.

  • d In two cases involving QTL in females, the same CHC returned the highest LOD score for adjacent QTL along a linkage group. In these cases, we used the trait with the second-highest LOD to calculate bootstrapped C.I.'s because it was impossible to verify homology of these multiple QTL among bootstrap replicates. For CHC 14 and CHC 15 on linkage group 3-1, 5:C23 and 9, 13:C26 were used, respectively, while along linkage group 3-2&3 the following substitutions were required: CHC 18–9,13:C25; CHC 19–9:C25; CHC 20–C26; CHC 21–C:25.