Increased SUC2 expression correlates with increased localization of the gene to the nuclear periphery

SUC2 expressiona% cells with peripheral SUC2 ORFb
GenotypeR (glucosec)D (no glucosec)R (glucosec)D (no glucosec)
WT2.6 ± 0.2267.2 ± 31.34574
Δmig152.8 ± 8.8148.4 ± 1.860*69
Δhxk265.4 ± 8.2164.1 ± 36.660**72
  • a SUC2 expression was measured with invertase assays as described in Neigeborn and Carlson (1984). Error denotes the standard deviation of four determinations.

  • b Percentage of cells where the SUC2 ORF is localized to the outer third of the nucleus. P-values, calculated on the basis of a two-tailed Student's t-test, represent a significant difference in the localization of the ORF in glucose-grown WT cells relative to glucose-grown Δmig1 or Δhxk2 cells. *Significant (P < 0.01); **highly significant (P < 0.0005). At least 115 cells were measured for each condition.

  • c See materials and methods for growth conditions.