Genetic diversity among five clades of domestic sheep and their closest wild relative

Clade AClade BClade CClade DClade EO. orientalis
Clade A
Clade B0.58 (0.31)
Clade C0.98 (1.08)1.37 (1.29)
Clade D0.79 (0.77)1.07 (0.98)1.28 (1.55)
Clade E0.66 (0.70)1.05 (0.91)0.49 (0.44)1.06 (1.16)
O. orientalis(1.60)(1.80)(2.34)(1.86)(1.99)
  • Nucleotide substitutions per site (K %) were calculated in the absence of indels using either the combined mtCR and cytB sequence (2027 bp) or the cytB sequence alone (967 bp, reported in parentheses).