Descriptive statistics for six developmental traits analyzed in two mapping populations and their parents

TraitEmbedded Image[VG]a[VE]b[H2]c[CVG]d
FT (days)24.30 (1.03)e8.743.570.7110.85
30.21 (2.47)f
SL (cm)9.58 (0.98)e3.273.140.5115.87
13.21 (2.30)f
TL (cm)23.59 (1.92)e26.8110.530.7217.99
33.95 (4.17)f
IB2.21 (0.46)e0.020.330.055.53
2.49 (0.67)f
BB1.54 (0.68)e0.000.650.000.00
1.48 (0.91)f
TB3.75 (0.77)e0.010.820.011.88
3.97 (1.02)f
RIL population
FT (days)26.06 (6.03)32.593.820.9021.91
SL (cm)9.89 (3.39)9.701.800.8331.49
TL (cm)26.13 (9.22)78.536.520.9233.91
IB2.34 (1.22)0.990.500.6742.66
BB1.43 (0.93)0.300.570.3437.98
TB3.77 (1.27)0.780.840.4823.36
NIL population
FT (days)23.68 (3.60)10.782.210.8313.87
SL (cm)9.81 (2.18)3.171.580.6518.15
TL (cm)24.50 (5.95)
IB2.26 (0.88)0.510.270.6531.42
BB1.56 (0.84)0.180.530.2426.92
TB3.82 (1.06)0.480.640.4218.25
  • FT, flowering time; SL, length until first silique; TL, total plant length; IB, main inflorescence branch number; BB, basal branch number; TB, total branch number.

  • a Among-genotype variance component from ANOVA: tests whether genetic differences exist among genotypes for specified traits (P < 0.0001).

  • b Residual variance component from ANOVA.

  • c Measure of total phenotypic variance attributable to genetic differences among genotypes (broad sense heritability) calculated as VG/(VG + VE).

  • d Coefficient of genetic variation calculated as Embedded Image.

  • e Landsberg erecta parent.

  • f Cape Verde Islands parent.