Test statistics and effect sizes for consistent markers

Exploratory data set (123 cultivars)Confirmatory data set (81 cultivars)
NBS5a6_100.6315.1<0.0010.950.2440.405.20.0230.74 0.326
NBS2_80.097.10.0080.980.3700.057.50.0061.91 0.697
  • A description of consistent marker–trait associations across two independent data sets is shown. The exploratory data set spans 25 years of Dutch variety trials and the confirmatory data set is based on passport data used earlier by Gebhardt et al. (2004). Columns show marker band frequency (Freq), the Wald test statistic for marker–trait association with late blight resistance, the P-value for the Wald statistic, the estimated QTL effect, and the standard error (SE).