Location of cya-8 in linkage group VIIL

Zygote genotype and recombination %Singles
ParentalsRegion 1Region 2Doubles
+  T(ALS179)140
cya-8  N61
Plus 13 Barren, all cya-8+
+  adh  nic-328756452
cya-8  +   +
  15  12
Nine crosses pooled
+    cyt-74
cya-8   +
Plus 109 cya-8, or cyt-7, or cya-8 cyt-7
N       cyt-76a
T(ALS179)   +0
Plus 11 cyt-7 Barrena
+  adh   nic-319200
cyt-7  +   +28210
  9    4
  • Regions are numbered from left to right. In the columns, each pair of classes represents progeny of the two complementary classes. The top number is for the class having the allele of the leftmost locus that is uppermost in the zygote genotype diagram. For example, in the first cross, there were 14 cya-8+ T progeny, 6 cya-8 N, 0 cya-8+ N, and 1 cya-8 T. See Perkins et al. (2001) for information on markers. The cya-8 locus is included in the segment translocated to VR in translocation ALS179, but cyt-7 and other VIIL markers are not included (Perkins 1997). adh, adherent morphology; cya-8, cytochrome a defective; cyt-7, cytochromes a and b defective; nic-3, nicotinamide requirement; N, normal chromosome sequence; T, quasi-terminal translocation T(VIILVR)ALS179.

  • a The ratio of phenotypically cyt+:cyt was 21:44, as expected if the cyt-7 locus is not included in the translocated segment, which is duplicated in one-third of viable meiotic products. Only 17 of the 44 cyt progeny were scored for Barren, T, and N. Of these, 11 were Barren duplications and 6 were fertile normal sequence, confirming that cyt-7 is right of the T(ALS179) breakpoint in VIIL. The order is thus cya-8 T cyt-7 adh nic-3.