Results of individual Mos1 screens and hop frequencies

ScreenTransposition frequency (%)No. of F1'sBus alleleNotes
1ND1061e2861More than one Mos1 insertion.
220/57 (35)930e2912More than one Mos1 insertion.
31/14 (7)1977e2913aNo Mos1 insertion.
433/73 (45)1810e2917Only one insertion.
51/25 (4)973e2923Only one insertion.
611/23 (48)869No Bus mutant found.
  • The transposition frequency was measured as the percentage of progeny from heat-shocked double-transgenic animals that carry at least one Mos1 insertion (Williams et al. 2005). To measure the transposition frequency, F1 animals were picked blind from the progeny of heat-shocked double-transgenic P0's. For each F1 that had lost the Mos1 substrate array 5–10 F2 animals were tested by PCR for the Mos1 element. For each F1 that still carried the array, non-array-carrying F2 progeny were identified and F3 animals were tested for Mos1 insertions.

  • a e2913 did not complement bus-2. As we already had a number of alleles of bus-2, and this strain did not contain a Mos1 insertion, we did not keep this allele for further analysis.