Growth, organ weight, skeletal length, and obesity-related QTL identified in HG2DF2 and HG11F2 mice

Peak LODPosition (cM)Position (Mbp)Allelic effects
TraitQTLModel_SIModel_AΔLODSexC.I. (cM)adad%V
6WK (g)Wg59.0***–29.5−0.820.99−0.990.4313.8
9WK (g)Wg510.8***–13.0−1.410.93−0.990.3916.4
SPL (mg)Swq611.0***–42.05.885.828.59−0.6316.7
KID (mg)Kwq79.8***8.51.4M12.51208.5–13.80.5920.258.59−0.6315.0
TAIL (cm)Tailq76.7***–22.5−0.09−0.02−0.130.0410.5
NA (cm)Bdlnq75.3***4.60.733.01590.5–37.5−0.03−0.02−
FAT (g)Fatq18.7***6.52.2F20.31369.7–25.0−0.040.02−0.11−0.0113.5
TC (mg/dliter)Tcq15.8***−3.781.81−4.770.359.2
9WK (g)Wg73.3*0.33.0I18.0980.0–28.50.660.15−0.490.165.2
LIV (g)Lwq97.0***2.64.5M10.5857.0–16.00.06−0.04−0.02−0.0011.0
KID (mg)Kwq98.0***7.20.811.5887.0–17.0−10.132.26−12.712.7312.4
BRN (mg)Brwq16.0***5.40.618.5997.0–22.5−13.02−1.96−7.99−5.629.5
TAIL (cm)Tailq88.5***6.12.3M19.09910.0–
FEM (mm)Feml416.5***13.82.7F5.0751.5–8.5−0.110.07−0.260.0724.0
GFP (mg)Gfpq13.5*–35.025.1231.3538.5913.645.6
  • Model_SI and Model_A are described in detail in materials and methods. ΔLOD is the difference in LOD between the two models. Sex indicates QTL that are either sex biased (ΔLOD > 1) or sex specific/sex antagonistic (ΔLOD > 3); M, QTL with more significant effects in males; F, QTL with more significant effects in females; I, sex-antagonistic QTL. Position of QTL peak is given in centimorgans and in approximate megabase pairs. C.I., 1.5-LOD confidence interval. Sex-specific additive (a) and dominance (d) effects were calculated for each sex separately using unadjusted genotypic means at each marker nearest the QTL peak (a, the average difference in trait means between homozygous genotypes; d, the deviation from the average difference between homozygotes; positive and negative a values indicate an increase and a decrease, respectively, in the trait mean due to replacing B6 alleles with CAST alleles). %V, the percentage of phenotypic variance explained by each QTL, calculated as %V = 100(1 – 10^(−2LOD(n))), where n is the number of F2 mice and LOD is the peak LOD at each QTL. *P < 0.05; ***P < 0.001.