Pronuclei formation and development of eggs collected from females mated with C57BL/6J-ChrXB6 and C57BL/6J-ChrMSM males

No. of eggs (%):
MalesNo. of males% of females that copulatedNo. of eggsWith female pronucleibWith male pronucleiWithout pronucleiNo. of embryos developing to two-cell stage (%)
C57BL/6J-ChrXB66 (2)a83.39975 (75.8)70 (70.7)24 (24.2)62 (62.6)
C57BL/6J-ChrXMSM6 (2)91.72383 (1.3)0 (0)235 (98.7)2 (0.8)c
  • a Number of experimental replicates for each male.

  • b Pronuclei were distinguished by their location in eggs; a pronucleus near a polar body was regarded as a female pronucleus.

  • c Significantly different from C57BL/6J-ChrXB6 males (P < 0.01).