Expectations of full- and half-sib covariances in the data structure used in Wolf (2003)

Tube composition
CovarianceFull-sib pairsHalf-sib pairsUnrelated pairs
FS sameEmbedded ImageNONO
FS diff.Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Imagea or Embedded Imagebc
HS sameNOEmbedded ImageNO
HS diff.Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Imageb or Embedded Imageac
Unrelated sameNONOEmbedded Image
Unrelated diff.000
  • FS, full sibs; HS, half sibs; same, in the same group; diff., in different groups; NO, this combination does not occur.

  • a When the group members of both individuals are full sibs.

  • b When the group members of both individuals are half sibs.

  • c Only those two covariances provide information to separate the direct and the indirect genetic variance.