Crossing over in HygR Ura+ MI disomes

GenotypeaiTHR1–iURA3b (% COc)iURA3–iNATd (% COc)iNAT–iLEU2e (% COc)Total disomes% CO
Wild type9 (6)39 (28)26 (18)28252
sgs17953 (5)20 (32)14 (22)12659
  • a Strains analyzed were BR4316 and BR4310.

  • b Disomes that are auxotrophic for threonine represent COs in the iTHR1–iURA3 interval.

  • c To calculate CO frequency, the frequency of recombinants detected was multiplied by two to account for the inability to detect disomes homozygous for dominant alleles.

  • d Disomes that are sensitive to Clonat represent COs in the iURA3–iNAT interval.

  • e Disomes that are auxotrophic for leucine and resistant to Clonat (or sensitive to Clonat and leucine prototrophic) represent COs in the iNAT–iLEU2 interval.