Summary of crosses, percentage of spore viability, and number of total spores analyzed in this study

CrossesViable spores (%)Spores dissectedSequence divergenceaReferences
Collinear genomes
Sc S288c × Sp CBS4320.6789213.32
Sc SK1 × Sc S288c80.944040.573
Sc SK1 × Sc Y5583.004000.587
Sc S288c × Sc Y5583.332880.15
Sp DG1768 × Sp N-1737.503204.7
Sp CBS432 × Sp YPS12540.384164.653
Sp NBRC1804 × Sp YPS12532.103524.665
Sp N44 × Sp YPS12536.324244.567
Sp NBRC 1804 × Sp CBS43273.473921.196
Sp N44 × Sp CBS43277.133281.156
Sp N17 × Sp YPS13834.115164.631
Sp N44 × Sp NBRC 180486.792800.084
Four reciprocal translocations, S. paradoxus × S. cariocanus
Sp UFRJ50791 × Sp YPS1384.812080.292
Sp UFRJ50816 × Sp YPS1255.092160.347
One reciprocal translocation
Sp N43 × Sp YPS12525.563604.528
Sp N43 × Sp N4444.904120.15
Sp N43 × Sp NBRC 180449.153520.07
Sp N43 × Sp CBS43236.754001.14
One nonreciprocal translocation
Sp N17 × Sp CBS582968.504000.153
Sp CBS432 × Sp CBS582971.502000.097
Sp N44 × Sp CBS582952.911721.146
Sp YPS138 × Sp CBS582924.381604.594
Previous data
Sk NBRC1802 × Sk NBRC1803382084.586Naumov et al. (1995b)
Sm NBRC1815 × Sm NBRC1816441520.613Naumov et al. (1995b)
Sp UFRJ50791 × Sp UFRJ50816952360Naumov et al. (1995a)
Sp YPS125 × Sp N-1742604.891Sniegowski et al. (2002)
Sp YPS145 × Sp N-1753764.637Sniegowski et al. (2002)
Sc Y55 × Sp N-171.285213.369Hunter et al. (1996)
Sc Y55 × Sc Y5598.121760Greig et al. (2003)
  • a Nucleotide diversity using the Jukes and Cantor correction.