Phenotypes assessed in the project

Open field arenaTotal activity
Fecal boli
Elevated plus mazeClosed-arm distance
Open-arm distance
Closed-arm time
Open-arm time
Closed-arm entries
Open-arm entries
New home-cage activityTotal beam breaks (30 min)
Total beam breaks (first 5 min)
Total beam breaks (last 5 min)
Fine movement
Context freezingTime freezing to context (sec)
Cue conditioningTime freezing during cue (sec)
Time freezing after cue (sec)
Fecal boli
Fear-potentiated startleStartle response
Change in startle after training
PlethysmographyEnhanced pause (baseline)
Enhanced pause (metacholine)
Expiratory time (baseline)
Expiratory time (metacholine)
Inspiratory time (baseline)
Inspiratory time (metacholine)
PenH difference
Respiratory rate (baseline)
Respiratory rate (metacholine)
Tidal minute volume (baseline)
Tidal minute volume (metacholine)
Tidal volume (baseline)
Tidal volume (metacholine)
IPGTTAUC-G (mg/dl)
AUC-IRI (ng/ml)
DG (mg/dl)
DIRI (ng/ml)
Glucose 0 (mg/dl)
Glucose 15 (mg/dl)
Glucose 30 (mg/dl)
Glucose 75 (mg/dl)
Insulin 0 (ng/ml)
Insulin 15 (ng/ml)
Insulin 30 (ng/ml)
Insulin 75 (ng/ml)
Insulin slope
K (glucose slope)
%NK cells
HematologyHematocrit (%)
Hemoglobin (g/dl)
Mean cellular volume (fl)
Platelets (n/μl)
Red blood cell count (n/μl)
White blood cell count (n/μl)
Mean cellular Hb concentration (%)
Red cell distribution width
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (pg)
Plateletcrit (%)
BiochemistryAlkaline phosphatase (units/liter)
Alanine transaminase (units/liter)
Aspartate transaminase (units/liter)
Albumin (g/liter)
Calcium (mmol)
Chloride (mmol)
High-density lipoproteins (mmol)
Low-density lipoproteins (mmol)
Phosphorous (mmol)
Sodium (mmol)
Total cholesterol (mmol)
Total protein (g/liter)
Triglycerides (mmol)
Urea (mmol)
Weight, length, and growthBody length
Body mass index
Growth slope
Weight, 10 wk
Weight, 6 wk
Weight, 7 wk
Weight, 8 wk
Adrenal weightAdrenal weight (g)
Wound healingEar hole area (from ear punch) (mm2)