Effect of Sex-lethal on hybrid viability at the larval and adult stages

CrossesGenotypesSexLarval viabilityAdult viability
melangaster ♀ × melanogasterXm/Ym: Am/Am1029731
Xm/Xm: Am/Am1143851
simulans ♀ × simulansXs/Ys: As/As928801
Xs/Xs: As/As1011821
melanogaster ♀ × simulansXm/Ys: Am/As220
Xm/Xs: Am/As1251939
simulans ♀ × melanogasterXs/Ym: As/Am1101877
Xs/Xm: As/Am00
Basc/y Sxlf#1 ♀ × simulansy Sxlf#1/Ys: Am/As1130
y Sxlf#1/Xs: Am/As911765
Basc/Ys: Am/As160
Basc/Xs: Am/As979884
y Sxlf#1/+ ♀ × y simulansy/Ys: Am/As1260
y/ys: Am/As814596
+m/Ys: Am/As210
+m/ys: Am/As912703
  • Each cross was set up in 20 vials, each containing 10 females and 10 males. Progeny were scored on the basis of phenotypic markers. Larvae were scored continuously from the original cultures and transferred to new vials to continue development and scored again.