GFP-positive fish in F1 offspring and insertions transmitted by single founder fish

Founder IDaGFP+/total F1 (%)bGFP+ F1 fish analyzedcNo. of insertionsd
T2KXIGΔin-115/136 (11)76
T2KXIGΔin-241/185 (22)73
T2KXIGΔin-330/99 (30)119
T2KXIGΔin-430/55 (55)126
T2KXIGΔin-5102/165 (62)1214
T2KXIGΔin-681/137 (59)115
T2KXIGΔin-734/114 (30)85
T2AL200R200G-1130/247 (53)127
T2AL200R200G-279/182 (43)126
T2AL200R200G-498/150 (65)127
T2AL200R200G-521/141 (15)121
T2AL200R200G-7255/300 (85)1212
T2AL200R200G-8141/302 (47)1211
T2AL200R200G-936/219 (16)124
T2AL200R150G-114/88 (16)126
T2AL200R150G-224/136 (18)123
T2AL200R150G-459/332 (18)1215
T2AL200R150G-678/189 (41)126
T2AL200R150G-833/188 (18)122
T2AL200R150G-915/144 (10)121
  • a The ID number was given to each injected fish (founder fish) that transmited insertions to the F1 fish.

  • b The number of GFP-expressing embryos per the total number of F1 embryos observed.

  • c The number of GFP-positive F1 fish from each founder fish analyzed by Southern blot hybridization.

  • d The total number of different insertions detected by the Southern blot analysis among F1 fish descended from each founder fish.