Pif1 localizes to DNA repair foci

Cell-cycle stage
Wild type
    % of cells with a Rad52 focus0.9c2216
    % of cells with a Pif1 focusb0.6712
    % of cells with a Rad52 focus34684
    % of cells with a Pif1 focusc21866
  • a Over 700 cells were examined for each genotype. Results are compiled from at least three different wild-type (TOP3 RAD52–CFP PIF1–YFP) and three different top3Δ (top3∷TRP1 RAD52–CFP PIF1–YFP) haploid segregants from strain W4238. The cell-cycle distribution for wild type is 49% G1, 25% S, and 26% G2/M. The cell-cycle distribution for top3Δ is 38% G1, 18% S, and 44% G2/M.

  • b For both wild type and top3Δ, S and G2/M Pif1 foci colocalize with Rad52 foci >96% of the time; for both wild type and top3Δ, Rad52 foci colocalize with Pif1 foci 35% of the time during S phase and 77% of the time during G2/M phase.

  • c Percentage of cells in the indicated cell-cycle stage that contain a nuclear focus is presented.