High-copy PIF1 suppresses the top3Δ cell-cycle defect

% of cells in each cell-cycle stagea
Wild type+ p2μ542323
+ p2μ-PIF1522424
+ p2μ-pif1-KR532324
top3Δ+ p2μ341749
+ p2μ-PIF1502030
+ p2μ-pif1-KR502129
  • a As described in materials and methods, cell-cycle stage classification was determined via microscopy on the basis of both cellular morphology and nuclear position. Over 750 cells from logarithmic cultures grown in SC-Leu were viewed for each strain + plasmid background. Strains used are W1588-4C (MATa TOP3) and a W1958 haploid segregant (MATa top3∷TRP1). Plasmids used are the LEU2-marked YEp51B (p2μ), clone 1 (p2μ-PIF1), and pWJ1286 (p2μ-pif1-KR).